How I Work

Counselling room

My aim is to offer you a safe, supportive, non-judgemental space where you can share your experiences in confidence and help make sense of whatever is causing you distress.

Counselling can help us gain an understanding of ourselves; how we behave and how our past experiences effect who we are today.  Explaining our thoughts and feelings can help us understand our distress, gain empowerment, build confidence and help us deal with the challenges life throws at us.

For many people approaching counselling can cause feelings of anxiety but I truly believe that this new journey of exploration will bring a positive experience facilitating personal growth with endless possibilities for positive changes.

Initial Meeting

I offer an initial meeting of 30 minutes free of charge where you can ask any questions you may have and get a feel of how I work and whether this would work for you.  If you feel this isn’t right for you I would be happy to recommend another therapist that would suit your needs.

You would not be expected to commit to a number of sessions.  You can decide as you go along whether you would like to continue.


Whatever you bring to a session will be kept confidential.  The only person I talk to about my work is my supervisor which is required under the BACP Ethical Framework.

There are some situations where I am legally obliged to disclose information but I will talk to you more about that when we meet.